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We currently offer a range of 19 flavours.

Liquid London Range – 11 Flavours

Tottenham Twister

Our take on the classic Twister ice cream flavour. A sumptuously sweet blend of pineapple, lime and strawberry ice cream with an apple kick for a perfect multi fruit mix.

Richmond Rhubarb and Custard

With rhubarb that even a winning Kew Gardens entrant would be proud of, we have mixed multiple rhubarbs for strong punchy fruit hit with a mellow custard after taste.

Dalston Drumsticks

Be transported back in time with this heavenly mix of rhubarb, cream and raspberry and remember the simple joys of your favourite sweets from your local corner shop.

Brixton Blood

A riotous clash of flavours, strawberry ice cream with a strong mint undertone like the wind rushing through your taste buds. This deep red mix will go down like a freshly made strawberry sorbet.

Mayfair Melon

An affluent mix of melon’s, dark forest fruits and mint giving you a mighty minty melon with a twist. An exciting and sweet fruity vape with a mellow crisp finish.

Shoreditch Scream

A deliciously creative hipster blend of Strawberries and Cream. We have gentrified this popular dessert flavour using a custom blend of 5 creams and 3 types of strawberry for a lip smacking vape.

Marleybone Mint

We wanted to give you a mint that would leave you feeling cool all afternoon. Our custom mix of peppermint, menthol and koolada with a touch of something sweet will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Vauxhall Vanilla Custard 

A deliciously smooth and rich creamy custard with a strong vanilla aftertaste.

Finchley Fruit Salad

In the quest of a childhood sweet favourite the Fruit Salad. A delicious blend of Pineapple, Mango and Coconut.

Temple Tobacco

A smooth rich tobacco, that has not harsh taste or acrid notes. Slightly creamy. Ideal for those new to vaping and still craving a tobacco style vape.

Greenwich Grape

A tribute to the hustle and bustle of Greenwich market, this grape will taste like you just bought them from a fruit stall and squeezed the juice straight into your vape. With an undertone of 2 mystery fruits that will keep you coming back for more. Just like smoking KA Black Grape soda.

Circle Line – 8 Flavours

Holborn Heisenblue

Our spin on this iconic flavour. A must try if you are new vaping. A delicious mix of blueberries, cotton candy, koolada and spearmint to leave a sweet and fresh minty aftertaste. Similiar in many respects to a blue slush puppie.

Bond Street Black

Another iconic flavour. Blackberry and dark forest fruits with a mint undertone and an aniseed kick, like vaping a very fruity Blackjack sweet from days of old.

Redbridge Red

A delicious mix of red berries and black grape with a strong mint out breath. Underneath you will find aniseed and eucalyptus undertones for a delicious sweet berry and mint vape.

Ruislip Rainbow

Taste the rainbow with this deliciously sweet vape of this famous hard candy, with a mixture of fruit flavours. Tastes just like Skittles.

Chancery Lane Crispy Treats

An absolute must try for desert lovers. Our spin on the iconic Rice Crispy Treats cereal bar. A deliciously sweet and creamy mix of marshmallow and creams that will leave you licking your lips for more.

Liverpool Street Limeberry Ice

The first of our new Ice flavours. A strong lime and dark berry mix with a refreshing cool ice hit

Marble Arch Matador

This unique blend of fruit and cookies will have you scratching your head but reaching for more

Bethnal Green Bango Ice

The second of our new Ice flavours. Mango with a bang

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