Expired50ml/100ml Short Fills – £6.99 each with Nic Shots – TABlites

£6.99 £24.99
50ml/100ml Short Fills – £6.99 each with Nic Shots – TABlites
50ml/100ml Short Fills – £6.99 each with Nic Shots – TABlites
£6.99 £24.99

Froot Bomb 50ml, Mr. Chew 50ml, Drip & Dab 50ml and Cheeba 100ml

Due to Short Shelf Life, these 50ml and 100ml Short Fill bottles have been slashed in price to just £6.99 each!

Our 50ml Short Fills come with 1 free Nic Shot, our 100ml Short Fills come with 2 free Nic Shots.


  • Blackcurrant Fruit Pastille
    A delicious sugary blackcurrant chewy sweet
  • Strawberry Fruit Pastille
    Juicy delicious sweet strawberry chewy pastilles.

MR. CHEW – 50ml

  • Strawberry Cream
    Enjoy a sweet and creamy strawberry candy treat with Strawberry Cream Chew!
  • Fruit Salad
    The nostalgic Fruit Salad sweet with pineapple and fruity strawberry combined into a chewy candy

DRIP & DAB – 50ml

  • Lemon Sherbet
    A sweet and tangy treat, Lemon Sherbet is a nostalgic treat for the taste buds.
  • Raspberry Sherbet
    Sweet and fruity with a tart raspberry flavour. This Sherbet treat will really take you back!

CHEEBA – 100ml

  • Ghost Train Haze
    This native Colorado strain is known for its piney scent and hints of sweet anise, grenadine and sour undertones.
  • OG Kush
    OG Kush, the genetic backbone of most of the strains from the West Coast, carries a musky essence with citrus and woody tones.
  • Russian Sour Diesel
    Russian Sour Diesel is diesel fuel at its core, dry earthy essences and notes of sour lemon are the hallmark traits of this legendary strain.

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