8 Logic Pods for £35!

£35 £40 GET DEAL

8 Logic Pods for £35! Free Shipping included.

Logic maintains its dedicated fan base by producing variations on their slimline, easy-to-use, and stylish Compact Classic kit.

Fans of this minimalistic design will be pleased to find that the Logic Compact Intense Kit stays true to the brand’s focus on ergonomic designs and intense flavour profiles.

  • Each pack contains 2 pods
  • 13 Flavours (Compact & Compact Intense kits)
  • Long lasting vape experience
  • Each pod contains 1.7mls of e liquid
  • Choose between 12mg or 18mg nicotine strength options
  • 300 puffs
8 Logic Pods for £35!
8 Logic Pods for £35!
£35 £40

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