Airscream Airpop Review

A rival to the biggest vaping company in the world for closed pods has emerged from down under.  Does Airscream blow the competition away or have they still got a lot to learn about the industry?

So you probably have never heard about Airscream until now?  That’s fine, they are still a relatively small company, coming from down under in Australia and New Zealand but they are coming fast, hoping to become kings of the closed pod market.  Formed by vaping enthusiasts, Airscream are aiming to deliver a high quality pod experience designed for vapers who want to quit smoking.  They have been touring the Vape shows in Europe winning best pod system wherever they go, but does the hype justify the product or are Airscream going to go under the radar when they launch in the UK?  Before we get into all of that, let’s get into the details first.

What’s in the box?

  • Airscream Air pop Device
  • 1 x pod (5% nic salts)
  • USB charging port

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About the Airscream

The Airscream Air pop pod system is a closed pod system offering easy to use mechanisms and plenty of choice.  It is a plastic internal battery, with around a 500 mAh internal battery.  It has a charging connection on the bottom and small white indicator light on the side of the device.  It is an auto draw system with no buttons to fire.  Charging via the usb dock is achieved via a USB port and charges in around 45 minutes.

The pods themselves come in a variety of different flavours with plenty to be found on the website.  They are a 1.2 mil capacity pod with wide airflow and snap into place with a click into the pod system.  There is no priming, simply connect and vape, with the curved top ensuring no accidental pod release from the device.  The pods come in at 5% nic salt (50mg) and 3.6% (36mg) strengths.

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Airscream Pros

The first big pro for me is the battery life on this device, it will easily last all day, into the next day before you have to recharge.  Chain vaping this will reduce that lifespan as expected but used as designed, it will last as long as you need it to which is brilliant.  Charging time as well being under an hour means you won’t be without it for too long also, very convenient for vapers.  The indicator light on the front is nice and bright, a little hard to see in daylight but overall indoors it will be very clear when the device is firing and when you need to recharge.  The connection port is very secure without any accidental pod release and it does take a little force to remove the pod, which increases security of the pod itself.

Onto the pods themselves and the flavour from these is absolutely fantastic compared to similar devices on the market.  With a range of different flavours available, the flavours don’t come through as muted despite the system and you get a lovely big blast of flavour from each one.  There is much wider airflow on the pods compared to others out there which again is a big pro as it allows bigger hits to be taken to give a much bigger throat hit.  The bigger nic levels is a pro in the sense that for a ex smoker, this will curb their cravings much more effectively and make the transition to vaping much easier.  The vape is lovely and smooth, with no harsh hits and the juice capacity combined with usage means one pod will last several days which is very cost effective when buying them in packs.

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Airscream Cons

Overall there really isn’t many cons for a device like this so these will be entirely my opinion over factual cons.

The first con for me is the strengths available do not make it easier to quit with a device like this over smaller nic levels. I mean that in a quit entirely way, the higher nic will retain the nic addiction so I would love to see them offer smaller strength pods in the future to allow users to downgrade levels to allow them to quit altogether.  The next con for me is the battery capacity, as mentioned I am not 100% sure on what it actually is.  However if Airscream had offered a slightly bigger one again and provided 2 days worth of use then it would have certainly have made it stand out from the rest on more than one factor.  The final con here is that the flavour does drop off a little bit after several pulls. There is still a lovely flavour prominent but you lose the initial wow factor when you first start using a pod so that was a slight disappointment considering how nice they are.

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Now to sum the Airscream up, you really have to put it into context rather than have it comparable to every other pod on the market.  As the USA have proven, there is massive demand for a device such as this for its simplicity and performance and on that front, the Airscream excels.  Compared to its rivals, the Airscream offers a bigger hit, bigger battery life and much better flavour, on par with a lot of more advanced pod systems on the market.  If you were moving from smoking to vaping or just starting out and need the nic craving curbed then this device would be ideal for you for sure.  I have personally enjoyed using it which is a far cry from similar devices so that is the biggest selling point, converting an experienced vaper such as myself over recommending it.  This may not appeal to most experienced vapers who want something a little bit more advanced which is fine, the target market for the Airscream is for new vapers/ex smokers and at the right price, this well could be a very popular product.

Airscream may be new to the market but they are without a doubt the best closed pod system on the market today.

8.8 Total Score
Potentially the best closed pod on the market today

Aimed at the demand of the closed pod vapers, the Airscream delivers better battery life, vastly improved flavour and ease of use all in one package. Not appealing to everyone, it could well be the JUUL killer on the market.

Vapour production
Ease of Use
  • Fantastic flavour
  • Excellent vapour production
  • Large battery life
  • Light and easy to use
  • Limited to high strength nicotine
  • Flavour can drop after around 10 puffs
  • Plastic design
  • No low battery indicator
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