Angry Duck Max E-liquid 500ml

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The DUCK is back and now bigger than ever!

The best premium flavours in a HUGE 500ml bottle.

Angry Duck MAX – Mixed Berry Lemonade

Rich fruits, tart lemonade and a fair bit of fizz combine to make this fizzy, fruity flavour a real treat for the senses.

Angry Duck MAX – Mixed Berry Menthol

We’ve taken our signature blend of mixed fruit and added a cooling hit of menthol to create this sweet and refreshing flavour.

Angry Duck MAX – Mr Blue

Packed full of fruity, herbal flavour, this mysterious e-liquid has a hefty hit of blue raspberry to keep you coming back for more.

Angry Duck MAX – Rainbow

There’s a whole spectrum of flavour in this vibrant e-liquid: with red berries, orange, yellow banana, green lime, blueberry and candy sweetness, this sweet and juicy concoction will take your taste-buds over the rainbow!

Angry Duck MAX – Raspberry Sherbet

Tangy raspberry and sweet, fizzy sherbet flavours make for a super sweet, super fizzy and super fizzy treat!

Angry Duck MAX – Red A

With a sophisticated blend of sweet berries, cool menthol and herby aniseed, this e-liquid is a tasty crimson concoction.

Angry Duck MAX – Vimto

This distinctive mix of sweet grape, tangy raspberries, rich blackcurrants and a secret blend of herbs and spices is a classic for a reason – slurp the purple and find out why

Note – 400ml of 0mg liquid in a 500ml Bottle

VG/PG: 70/30

Nicotine: 0mg

Angry Duck Max E-liquid 500ml
Angry Duck Max E-liquid 500ml
£10.00 £39.99

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