Aspire Mini Gusto POD Kit – £19.99 at TABlites

£19.99 £24.99


Aspire Mini Gusto POD Kit – £19.99 at TABlites
Aspire Mini Gusto POD Kit – £19.99 at TABlites
£19.99 £24.99

Aspire Mini Gusto

The Aspire Mini Gusto uses a revolutionary closed-tank Pod system, meaning you don’t have to refill tanks with messy bottles of e-liquid.

Simply snap in a new pod and you’re ready to vape!

What’s in the Box?

1 x Aspire Mini Gusto device
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
2 x Delrin Drip Tip
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card


Output Wattage: 17w
Battery: 900mAh LiPo Battery
5-Click On/Off Button
Charge Indicator LED (Green: Charged / Red: Low Battery)
Revolutionary Closed Tank Pod Refill System
All-In-One Device
Compact, Lightweight and Stylish Design
Over discharge, Overheat and Short Circuit Protection
Micro USB Rechargeable
Easy To Use
Perfect For New Vapers and Veterans Alike

How To Activate the Liquid Pods:

Grab the two silicon tabs at the base of the Pod and pull down until they snap off. The Pod is now activated and liquid will begin to fill the lower chamber around the atomiser. One or two quick flicks on the top or side of the Pod will speed this up. Once the lower chamber is full, leave the Pod for 2 minutes to allow the liquid to saturate the atomiser. It is important not to use the Pod before the atomiser is saturated, as a burned Pod will give an unpleasant taste and you will have to throw it away and use a new Pod.

How To Install Pods into the Aspire Mini Gusto:

To access the Pod chamber, slide the cover off the device.
Gently slide the prepared Pod into the capture points, making sure the atomiser is at the bottom. Push in until the Pod is securely in place. Slide the cover back on and you’re ready to vape!

After installation take a few quick puffs without pressing the button, then hold the button and take a few quick puffs to ensure the atomiser is saturated, once you taste the vapour continue to use as normal.

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