Boss Juice E-liquid 4x 100ml

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Boss Juice Short Fill E-Liquids
4x 100ml Bundle Deal

Including NEW Ice Lolly Flavours:

Choc Ice Ice Lolly
Milky smooth chocolate with a subtle taste of mint for a cooling indulgent experience and none of the calories!

Twister Ice Lolly
A combination of sweet strawberries, zingy lime and exotic pineapple make a brilliant fruity mix highlighted with a hint of mint. Something to twist your tongue around!

Vimto Ice Pole Ice Lolly
This distinctive icy mix of sweet grape, tangy raspberries, rich blackcurrants and a secret blend of minty herbs and spices is a classic for a reason – slurp the purple and find out why!

Strawberry Split Ice Lolly
Frosted Strawberries enhanced with a icy vanilla flavour. A Classic favourite from the past!

Slushy Ice Ice Lolly
Anytime you’re looking for a cold fruity ice drink with notes of a fresh fruity flavour  try Slushy it’ll get your tastebuds tingling!

Strawberry & Grape Drops Candy
This juicy strawberry and sour grapes combination reminiscent of a sweet candy flavour will have you coming back for more.

Strawberry & Melon Candy
Succulent strawberries and juicy melon come together to create a refreshingly fruity candy mix. A favourite for all with a sweet tooth.

Purple Custard
A heavenly combination of fruits and custard, creating a smooth all day vape.

Grape Chilled
Freshly pressed, juicy grapes and a cooling menthol flavour for a delicate e-liquid that will satisfy your appetite.

Mango Chilled
Let your senses escape to paradise with this tropical mango e-liquid with a touch of menthol. A truly relaxing experience.

Watermelon & Apple Chilled
The prefect duo of delicious watermelon, juicy apples and menthol come together for a true cooling fruit explosion.

Cherry Cola Fizz Soda
You’ll think you’ve just had a refreshing soft drink, when you vape this classic cola flavour with a cherry twist and a familiar fizz.

Apple & Mango Sherbet
This blend of apple and mango with a little fizz creates a refreshing vape leaving your taste buds tingling and wanting more!

Rainbow Sherbet
This candy inspired vape is a combination of favourite colourful fruits with a crisp fizz to make a true rainbow burst of flavour.

Raspberry Sherbet
Classic British raspberries blended to create a sweet but slightly tart, fizzy vape.

Strawberry Laces Sherbet
If you’re a fan of the strawberry flavoured jelly sweets with a fizz then this e-liquid will satisfy your craving.

Boss Juice E-liquid 4x 100ml
Boss Juice E-liquid 4x 100ml
£16.00 £79.96

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