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Who are Endless Mods ?

“Endless Mods UK is the most versatile, customisable 'Sleeve' mod to hit the vaping world!

Designed in Birmingham, UK and machined to the highest of standards on state of the art CNC machines in China, we are able to bring you the exacting quality you demand at a price point that is unrivalled.

The design process was based purely around making an mechanical mod that could be upgraded and customised at a cost that was affordable to all vaping budgets. The top cap was made removable for 3 main reasons...

1) It enabled us to sell the mod set with a hybrid top cap and a spring loaded top cap so the user wasn't restricted in what RDA or RTA / Subtank they could use on the mod

2) It enabled us to add an extension tube to the mod set so the mod can be run in 'Stacked Mode' for the experienced cloud chasing vapes out there

3) It enabled you to purchase top caps and switch sets in a variety of materials to completely change the look of your mod without the expense of replacing the whole mod. If you want a brass mod you can purchase the brass top cap and switch set and put them onto your existing mod body.

The whole point of Endless Mods UK is to give you Endless Options regarding the look of your mod but with minimal expenditure. If you buy a new sleeve and want to match your RDA you do not have to purchase a complete RDA, you can just purchase the top cap. If you have purchased a 4 post RDA and fancy the change to a 2 post RDA you can just buy the deck. All the top caps and slam caps released will be full compatible with each other keeping your Mechanical Mod as current looking as you want with the continued expense that it thrust up on you with other companies.

Welcome to the Endless Mod Family.”

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