Disposable Killer Kit by Drip Hacks

Drip Hacks

An easy alternative to disposable vaping

Disposable Killer Kits by Drip Hacks

What is the disposable killer kit?

Drip Hacks Disposable Killer kit is designed as an alternative to disposables like Elf Bar and Lost Mary. In the kit you will receive everything you need to vape including a pod vape, Pocket Salt nic Salts formulated with extra smooth nicotine and strong flavour. Simply open the pack, fill a pod with the vape juice of your choosing and fit the pod to the mod. A convenient and simple way to vape that closely matches the vaping experience you get with elf bars and lost mary vapes. A strong, flavourful vape with rechargeable battery, replaceable and refillable pods.

In essence, a “Disposable Killer Kit” is an alternative to disposable vapes. The kit provides the user with a vape device, refill liquid and a replaceable cartridge (for when your coil becomes unusable due to the constant heating of flavours). All you need to do is simply fill the cartridge with the liquid and you’re good to go. There’s really only one extra step on top of a disposable and even then, it’s a very small one.  

Kit contents:   

  • 1 x Pod device including spare pod  
  • 5 x Pocket Salts – pre-selected flavours  
  • 1 x spare pod  

The contents of the kit conclude the research we undertook to find out what would work best as a replacement for the average disposable user. The flavours available in Pocket Salts have also been chosen to compete with the bestselling elf bar flavours. 

3.1/5 (35 Reviews)
Disposable Killer Kit by Drip Hacks
Disposable Killer Kit by Drip Hacks

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