Fantasi E-liquid 100ml

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Fantasi Short Fill E-liquid 100ml
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Fantasi do fizzy drink style flavours that are blended with fruits and varying strengths of menthol. They’ve been on the vaping scene for a fair few years now and have built up a good reputation for quality juice at a reasonable price.

Blue Raspberry:

The true blue-gem in the Fantasi Ice Collection with sweet notes of raspberry and a candy twist.
Also available in ICE.

Raspberry Ice

The beautiful harmony of fresh British raspberries mixed with a sweet candy twist for a totally refreshing vape!


Juicy, fruity, with refreshing notes, the Fantasi Watermelon flavour is well loved for a super cool refreshment.
Also available in ICE.


The Fantasi Cherry takes one of the most loved e-liquid flavours and made it irresistibly delicious!
Also available in ICE.


One of the most popular flavours in the world, the orange delivers beautifully with fresh, sweet and citrusy flavours!
Also available in ICE.


Crisp and juicy British green apples with a bite in this true to taste juicy apple sparkle sensation.
Also available in ICE


Fruity, juicy and bursting with authentic flavour, the Fantasi Grape continues to be a fan favourite!
Also available in ICE


Bursting with authentic juicy, ripe mango flavours with our signature Fantasi sparkle chilled to perfection!
Also available in ICE


Fresh, zesty and a whole lot of ice goes into the Fantasi lemonade with a touch of our signature sparkle!
Also available in ICE

Lime Mojito Ice

A juicy and exotic blend of tangy sour limes and a sticky sweet mint mojito with a cool and refreshing icy twist 100ml 70/30

Peach Flavour

The Fantasi Peach is a wonderfully delicate flavour bursting with authentic peach juice with an ice cold sparkle, signature to the Fantasi ice range!

Fantasi E-liquid 100ml
Fantasi E-liquid 100ml
£6.50 £14.99

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