Fatboy Vape Company Review

Fatboy Vape Co. Review

I was sent a few bottles of Fatboy Vape Company juice to give a little review on, thanks Dan!

Fatboy is produced in Southend, UK by a small team. They are working on producing more flavours & appealing to a wider market. Like any business they want to expand and become popular with vapers.

They currently do 3 flavours and i will be trying all of them for this review.

They are a 75/25 VG/PG mix and come in 60ml chubby gorilla bottles which are shortfills so you can add 10ml of nicotine to make 3mg. They do say on the label that they have extra strength flavourings added so no flavour loss when you add nicotine.

I am a little unsure on the design of the labels. I personally feel they could do with a little work. Text size could be bigger especially on the name of the product & the Fatboy text, just seems to be a massive gap where with the right font they could maximize that space.

I will be reviewing the Fatboy juice on a Pandora RDA with claptons reading .18 and cotton bacon. I will be using the Vaporesso Revenger as my mod (from the guys at efun.top) and running it at around 80-100W. I will also be trying it at 0mg.


Unicorn Tears

Description from Fatboy – A dessert pie laced with lashings of bavarian cream and pie crust followed by a sweet sticky exhale. This is the flavour that just keeps giving.

I’m no liar here but i am not the biggest fan of bakery juices. I don’t know i sort of did them to death when i first started vaping. This is different.

So on the inhale you get a sweet and creamy mouthful with a lovely crumbly pastry mixed in, a rich and almost buttery taste. It’s a smooth vape and tastes pretty much the same on the inhale and exhale. It’s pretty delicious to be honest. Even smells a bit like a sweet pie! This is very satisfying and can see how it would really appeal to those into sweet, creamy and with a delicate pie crust. If you like juice like lemon tart flavours you will enjoy this.


Pink Cow

Description from Fatboy – A strawberry Milkshake that really fills your mouth with flavour and texture. 

I quite like milkshake juices, they don’t tend to be too sickly and most get it right. This isn’t floating my boat. It’s quite bland. No punchy strawberry and the cream is almost sour tasting. I don’t like to be negative about juices i review but this to me could do with improvement. I could just be picky or it’s not suitable for me, someone else might love it but to me it’s not strong in any flavour and certainly isn’t filling my mouth with flavour. Sorry guys!



What The Fluff

Description from Fatboy – A pure and simple marshmallow fluff. 

Wow! This is lush! A Light and fluffy marshmallow, almost tastes a little toasted. Can taste that gooey and sticky fluff. It does seem like they’ve cracked the marshmallow. I’ve had some in the past that were terrible. This is a perfectly sweet juice. As you up the watts the flavour becomes a tad more complex but your mouth is filled with that soft marshmallow taste. This may sound a bit odd but reminds me of the old (90’s) lucky charms marshmallow pieces. Almost melts in your mouth. A good take on marshmallow and keeping it simple. Maybe a flavour they could bring out is a marshmallow drizzled with strawberry sauce, Yum!



You can find Fatboy Vape Co. on these sites

Coming Soon – Fatboy Vapes Co. Website

Facebook – Fatboy Vapes Co.


7 Total Score
Fatboy Vape Co. Eliquid Review

A company predominantly focused on providing sweet juices rather than fruity ones. I think expanding their flavours will be on the cards at some point so bear that in mind. Flavours are all very full and smooth and well worth the price you pay. My only dislike was the strawberry milkshake, just wasn't great but it might just be me.

  • Fairly priced
  • Perfected marshmallow & unicorn tears flavours
  • A small range currently
  • Strawberry milkshake was not great
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