Kangertech – 0.5ohms OCC Coils

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Kangertech – 0.5ohms OCC Coils

0.5 ohm resistance OCC coils are compatible with the subtank nano, mini and plus.

When properly primed, these OCC coils usually last the average vaper anything from 2-5 weeks worth of vaping as a rough guide (dependent on liquid used, voltage setting, frequency/length of inhale etc)

We advise you to prime the coil for as long as possible with any sub-ohm style tank. The best way is to change it last thing at night, and leaving to soak overnight. By priming your coil you will reduce the risk of damaging it from burning the cotton, and increase the life expentancy.

Remember to fill up with fresh eliquid and rinse out the tank when installing a new coil, as the previous coil may leave a residue in the liquid and could still taste burnt!

0.5 ohm coil:
80-100% VG – 15-40 Watts Max
50-70% VG – 15-50 Watts Max
20-40% VG – 15-60 Watts Max

Quantity: 1

Kangertech – 0.5ohms OCC Coils
Kangertech – 0.5ohms OCC Coils
£0.10 £3.00

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