Kaveman Juice all 10ml bottles £1 – Massive UK Sale

£1 £4
Kaveman Juice
Kaveman Juice all 10ml bottles £1 – Massive UK Sale
Kaveman Juice all 10ml bottles £1 – Massive UK Sale
£1 £4

The cheapest Kaveman Juice Deals and Discounts in the UK

Check out the biggest sale ever to happen on Kaveman Juice 🙂 all 10ml bottles are £1, save big on these and grab a load of bottles from this award winning juice.

What is Kaveman Juice ?


There are a total of 17 flavours to choose from in the 10ml and 50ml shortfill range.

Kaveman juice was born from the passion of vaping. Imagined by a single man, Kaveman juice quickly became a well known brand throughout the social media world. With community members backing the flavours they now have a range of products that are simply put, just lush! They cater for all tastebuds from fruit based flavour right through to desserts and menthols.

In May 2017, Kaveman juice launched 3 product ranges at the Vaper Expo at NEC Birmingham. This was the beginning of a great journey which now finds Kaveman juice stocked in stores all around the world. They have dedicated distributors in France, Germany, USA and Asia.

If you are after flavours with a punch, flavours which ensure they taste just how they sound. You NEED some kaveman in your life! Don’t forget the sample packs which introduce their flavours without breaking the bank.

What Kaveman Juice in the 10ml sale range ?

Berry Ice eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

Blackcurrant and berry flavoured vape with an icy menthol hit! Just like your classic cough sweets! Soothing yet will give you brain freeze!

Damn Jo! eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

It’s simple. Fluffy donuts covered in icing sugar with a sweet raspberry jelly filling. We have fine tuned the bakery notes to give you an amazing freshly fried donut sensation with a jam that leaves you wanting a real one!!

Kool Kola eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

Nostalgia comes rushing back as you enjoy a sweet gummy Cola Bottle with a bubblegum finish

Mojo Mango eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

A lovely balance of sweet ripe Indian Mango blitzed  into a Ice Cream smoothie with a slight cooling sensation- The perfect summer vape!

OBoy eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

4 months in the making – OBoy is our Orangeade with Ice. Refreshing with a slight fizz. It’s fruity goodness on the inhale with a icy blast on the exhale. This will be very popular!

OMG Brownies eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

If you know…you know – OMG Brownies is THE ultimate chocolate vape. Intense creamy chocolate fudge brownies with vanilla ice cream.  It’s is even better with a coffee and amazing with a whiskey lol.

Ooga Booga eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

A delightful all day vape made with Watermelon, Bubblegum and a dash of peppermint for freshness. This was kaveman’s first ever recipe and is a favourite among kavedwellers all over the world.

Ripples eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

Take yourself back to your childhood with our creamy vanilla ice cream with a sweet raspberry swirled sauce.

What flavours are in the Kaveman Juice 50ml range ?

Bannga eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

Bannga is a Banana and Gingerbread Custard. Warm Gingerbread with a ripe banana and vanilla custard.

Blue-Doh eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

Blue Doh  – The fluffiest, fresh Donut filled with a Blueberry Jam and Cream Frosting. Fills the room with an amazing donut aroma.

Chocca Chocca eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

kaveman is known for his chocolate vapes. Well here is his Mint Choc Chip…NAILED!

Chocco Latte eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

What can we say. You’ll need to ask kaveman the story behind this one. A rich milk chocolate with a cappucino hit and topped with whipped cream. We urge you to try this and can’t wait for your feedback!

Go Go Guava eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

Fresh pink and green Guava’s blended with Lime and finished with a candy balance. If your looking for your summer vape, Go Go Gadget, Go Go Guava.

Grr…ape eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

Another one added to our summer collection. A nice  juice red grape with hints of soda and other secret bits and bobs. If you love grape, you will be Grr..Ape after this!

Likey Lychee eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

Is a fresh fruity blend based on Sweet and Sour Lychee, Lemonade and a little fizz and mint to wrap it all up! A great refreshing summer vape. 

Sourz eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

It took a fair few bottles of research to get this right! Sour Green Apple Candy which has the perfect tangy taste. It’s sweet, it’s fruity and it’s sooo moreish!

Strooby eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

Everyone loves a good Strawberry juice. Our Strooby is a fruity, sweet Strawberry chewy candy which is a perfect all day vape! 

Yum Yum eLiquid by Kaveman Juice

kaveman has kept this sweet and simple but it’s oozes creaminess and even has that little malted milk feel. Strawberries blitzed with Cornish Vanilla Ice Cream and topped with fresh cream and strawberries. A lush milkshake vape thats fruity on the inhale and creamy on the exhale.

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