King Cloudz Review

King Clouds Review

I was sent the King Cloudz range to review by Sam and what a delivery!

The range is comprehensive to say the least and covers all bases when it comes to fruits.

King Cloudz is a premium range from Malaysia and is going to become a popular brand here in the UK, They have done a great job at marketing and getting the products on to shelves. They are attending Expo in October at Birmingham NEC and i hope to go and meet Sam then.

The bottles are 60ml chubby gorilla bottles which are short fill, so you get 50ml and 10ml space to include 1 10ml bottle of nicotine. There is 2 ranges the high VG range which is 90/10 and the normal range which is 60/40. All juices currently have koolada in but it’s not overpowering as i was able to sample them, even though i’m not keen on koolada! I sort of wonder if there are different types of koolada that perhaps they use one that doesn’t make me cough.

Let’s get on with trying these fabulous juices out!


Triple B

So fruity and sweet! perfectly blended with just the right amount of koolada.

This is a lovely fruity vape perfect as an all day vape i think. You can really get the ripe berries and a slight chill on the inhale. The koolada isn’t overpowering like some it’s just right. Sweet and succulent berries fill your mouth, deeply satisfying and i can’t see how you could tire of it.





Blueberry & Peach

So as the same with what I’ve tried so far, a perfect combination.

The peach is succulent and imagining it dripping down your chin! Blueberries round it off and tie it all together. Again very sweet and has koolada in it. I do find the koolada is a little more present in this one but its not making me cough as much as some do. This would work just as well without koolada but i do know the malaysian market is quite into koolada versions and it’s present in a lot of their juices.





A lovely juicy melon on ice!

Sweet and succulent with just the right amount of koolada. So refreshing, this is the perfect palate cleanser! Can just imagine its firm but juicy flesh as you inhale this juice, great for a morning vape i would think. I’m not a fan of melon juices but it really does taste like melon so if you are into melons you will love this.





A very strong grape smell from this juice, not sure if i like it or not.

Now I’m not a massive grape lover, so please bare this in mind, but I found it vapeable and it was obviously a nice strong grape flavour, so I can assume it will be a good one for the grape lovers but it’s not for me.


Cook-a Cool-a

On opening the bottle.. it Smells amazing and just like a cold bottle of Coke.

A refreshing koolada hit, with a very obvious cola taste, much like a cola ice pole or cola sweet. Imagine pouring a ice cold coke over some ice and taking your first sip, it’s just got that sweet coke taste.

Could do with a little more flavour depth but still very good.





OPL – Orange, pineapple & lychee

Now this was a confusing smell, could smell a hint of lychee but wasn’t sure what else.

There is a definite lychee flavour along side orange and pineapple but for me personally it’s not a great blend, the flavours don’t quite compliment each other.. I can’t even describe the taste really.




Queen Mango

Doesn’t smell quite as bad as the king mango although still not massively appealing.

This is a much sweeter version of the king mango. Ripe and juicy with a real sweetness. It’s a very in your face mango flavour.

This is almost like a mango cooler drink rather than the fruit if that makes sense.






Oh wow! Smells like someone just squeezed a fresh jaffa orange!

The flavour didn’t disappoint either! I’ve found other orange eliquids to be a little harsh but not this one! Ahhh like a fresh cold glass of pure orange or possibly Fanta.

Perfect blend of sweet orange juice and ice.





Green Apple

Again like the red apple it smells amazing. Taste wise there isn’t a huge amount of difference between the two, i’d say the green apple is a bit sweeter and tangy compared to the red apple.

Still very much a lovely vape and would recommend if you are into apple flavours and you like it with a bit more bite.






A sweet and ripe raspberry ready to burst! It smells delicious and the ice hit is just right.

It’s slightly tangy but still incredibly sweet and full of flavour. Maybe reminds me of like a coulis over ice.

Very nice and satisfying.





King Mango

First off i like to smell juice as you tend to get a good idea of the taste. This wasn’t smelling very nice though. It just wasn’t appealing and i was a bit worried.

However, The mango is completely filling my mouth! The flavour is amazing, so full, refreshing and tasty. You can’t get enough! Ideal for lazing about in the sun vaping. The koolada isn’t overpowering and makes it very fresh.

This is an absolutely fabulous juice! I knock a couple of marks off for the smell though, it really isn’t very nice.




Absolutely blown away by this juice!

Sweet, refreshing and tastes like nothing else! I’ve never had a lychee eliquid before and again smelt a bit strange but also very sweet.

You just keep going back for more and more and then oops! all gone!

Put a smile on my face and just wish it was a never ending bottle!




Red Apple

When you first open the bottle the wafts of a sweet apple rise up and boy does it smell good! 

It is sweet but the koolada does counteract that somewhat as it makes it a cool and fresh vape.

A crisp red apple, full of flavour. I went through a phase of apple juices and then went off them, my favourite was Juice Box by One Mad Hit but this smashes it out the water!

Perfect balance of a delicious apple and a cool hit.




You can visit King Cloudz on this sites

King Cloudz Website

King Cloudz Facebook


8.5 Total Score
King Cloudz Review

What can i say? These juices are amazing! Yes only fruity flavours but they have absolutely excelled themselves. They are full of flavour, just the right amount of koolada and a perfect balance in most cases. They must use some super strength flavourings! You can buy these in the UK in select shops but i am hoping they become popular very quickly. They are working on bringing out versions with no koolada and i hope to be able to try those too and let you know what i think.

  • Full of flavour
  • Not too much koolada
  • Average pricing for 50ml
  • Perfected fruity flavours
  • Sweet but balanced
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  1. I had a 55ml bottle of their grape/mango not long ago and I have to say it was the worst eliquid I’ve ever tasted, just vile. But, based on some of these reviews I might give them one more try.

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