Menthol Madness 100ml E-Liquid

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Menthol Madness 100ml E-Liquid
with FREE Nic Shot – £3.99

Six refreshingly cool flavours to choose from including:-

Ripe flavoursome grapes with a cool menthol kick! Gives a truly mouth-watering sensation.

Haloberri Blueberry
A balanced blend of blueberries and menthol for a cool crisp after sensation.

Mixed Berry
A mix of summer berries with icy note for a cooling all day vape.

Enhance your vaping pleasure with this outrageous mix of fruity flavours and mint.

A combined classic garden fruit with a cool minty refreshing hit.

Strong Menthol
Great for a change this refreshing strong, sharp menthol vape will deliver that extra kick.

Menthol Madness 100ml E-Liquid
Menthol Madness 100ml E-Liquid
£3.99 £14.99

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