Mr Jumbo 200ml Shortfill – £5.99

£5.99 £15.99
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Mr Jumbo 200ml Shortfill – £5.99
Mr Jumbo 200ml Shortfill – £5.99
£5.99 £15.99

Mr Jumbo 200ml Shortfill – £5.99

Blackcurrant Ice
Juicy berries froze to the quick give this frigid and fruity blend a sweetly satisfying presence on the tongue. The perfect cure for bored taste buds and long days.

Mixed Berry Lemonade

The classic summertime sipper meets a lively flock of fruit in this zesty, sparkling refresher of an e liquid. Zesty lemon and sweet berry. This summery soda is sure to please.

Blue Raspberry Sherbet

A most compelling concoction, sweet blue raspberries and tangy lemons and blended with fizzing sherbet, creating a wonderfully sweet, sour and fizzy mix.

Blackcurrant Lemonade

Rich blackcurrants and lively lemons marry together in this refreshingly fruity tonic that sure to tingle the taste buds any day of the week.

Ice Menthol

An e liquid to awaken the sense and brace against boreforn, our ice menthol flavour has the quintessentially cool taste of menthol combined with an extra cool finish.

Rainbow Ice

One of our most fantastical flavours yet, this magical mix has all the colours of the rainbow all the colours of the rainbow an all the flavour of your favourite fruit salad topped with an ice cold finish.

Handsome Grape

An appealing alexir comprised of sweet grape and floral anise, poised between easy going fruit flavour and herbal complexity this flavour should satisfy all day long.

Cola Sherbet

Composed of secret herbs and spices, the taste behind cola is a mysteriois as it is delicious, doubly so when mixed with a fiercely fizzy finish for our cola sherbet flavour.

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