ExpiredPsycho Lady 100ml Shortfill – £5.99

£3.99 £14.99
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Psycho Lady 100ml Shortfill – £5.99
Psycho Lady 100ml Shortfill – £5.99
£3.99 £14.99

Psycho Lady 100ml Shortfill – £5.99

Psycho Lady is providing very high quality grade pharmaceutical ingredients, complies with EU standards and EU TPD Laws. These are comprises with ratio of 70VG: 30PG. Function introduction of PG and VG Propylene Glycol (PG): better throat hit and flavour. It is thinner and produces more of a “throat hit” than VG e-liquid does Vegetable Glycerine (VG) : more vapor, less throat hit. It is thick and a little sweet. It produces luscious clouds Psycho Lady is providing the best gift and healthy present set for friends and family on all the occasions, whether it be a Birthday, Christmas Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day Gift or a gift for your loved ones! PROVIDES MORE PROTECTIVE Psycho Lady provide more protection in terms of packaging and made child lock design: need to press before opening, avoid children’s wrong use or edible. Long thin dripper – the bottles are very easy to use with good size dripper nozzle that makes refilling much easier. Also we will not use the pin nozzle for the reason that it is not safe for everyone, particularly for children.

Lemon Tart
Has perfectly tarty lemons in a buttery pastry case that only the deranged could put down.

Strawberry Custard
Strawberries as sweet as the lady herself layered onto a creamy custard base.

Berry Tart
Mixed berries laid out on a base of cakey pastry to make a berry tarty juice indeed.

Vanilla Custard
Smooth, sweet and creamy with a vanilla pop that will give you an insane craving for more.

Cinnamon Bun
A decadent cakey custard with a blast of cinnamon this puddin’ would even satisfy the insane.

Butterscotch Custard
Freakishly creamy custard with a bang of sweet butterscotch that will go nuts on your taste buds.

Purple Haze
The perfect mix of flirtatious fruits with a dash of bittersweet citrus that hits you with a bang!

Rainbow Blast
Crazily carbonated lemons with a sweet blend of seductively juicy strawberries!

Wild Berries
The perfect mix of lemonade and mouth-watering berries to leave you in a state of psychosis!

A touch of madness followed by an overdose pf freshly picked grapes, nothing to wine about here!

A ridiculously ripe raspberry slush that’s ready to drive you around the bend, a refined and radical flavour!

This mix of strawberries, raspberries and cherries is entirely bonkers, the secret is all the best one are!

A luxurious lashing of looney lemons and loco lime balanced with a bonkers bubblegum blast!

Cherries, berries and cold soda blended into a perfectly punchy and refreshing slushy!

Dazzlingly ripe raspberries transformed into a slush that will send you into a taste of absolute euphoria!


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