Revenant Ice 100ml E-Liquid

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Revenant Ice 100ml Shortfills – £3.99

Thirteen flavours to choose from

Orange Ice
Cool, zesty and refreshing just like a cool glass of orange juice to hit the spot and energise you.

Strawberry Ice
Sweet sun kissed strawberries with a hint of menthol to remind you of a hot summer day.

Energy Ice
A unique combinations of characterising ingredients to give a stimulating effect as you inhale the tangy cool fruit flavours.

Mango Ice
Juicy mango with a refreshing menthol hit. Tropical, relaxing and cool.

Blackcurrant Ice
Let this berry burst and tease your tongue. Sharp blackcurrants with an icy edge.

Dark Fruit Ice
Dark as the grave, sweeter than a fruit salad and cold like the reaper’s touch, our dark fruit ice flavour has full flavour and icy refreshment in spades.

Grape Ice
Sweet grape and ice-cold menthol combine to create a juicy, refreshing blend that will quench your cravings, whenever you enjoy this fine frosty flavour.

Cherry Ice
Cooling menthol on the inhale and a lingering aroma of fragrant cherries make for a refreshingly fruity flavour.

Blue Raspberry Ice
Super cool and sweeter than your childhood crush; this bright blue blend of blue raspberry and cooling menthol flavours tastes just like your favourite retro slushy.

Watermelon Ice
Sweet, refreshing, and super-cool, this blend of watermelon and menthol is sure to satisfy and bring back fond memories of summer drinks.

Icy Mango & Strawberry
This tropical blend of juicy mango and sweet strawberry tastes like a summer holiday in vapour form, so get ready for a dose of sunshine!

Apple and Pear Ice
Sweet red apples and juicy pears are mixed with cool menthol to create an Engliand-inspired

Icy Mango & Banana
Juicy mango and sweet bananas combine with a cold menthol hit to create a fruity, refreshing treat that tastes just like your favourite smoothie.

Revenant Ice 100ml E-Liquid
Revenant Ice 100ml E-Liquid
£3.99 £14.99

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