Smiths Sauce x4 100ml Fruit E-Liquid Short Fills – £19.58

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A Selection of Fruit Flavours

Acid Drip – A Blend of Kiwi, Melon & Grapefruit Slightly Iced

Apple – A Mix of The Best Fresh Tasting Orchard Apples!

Blackcurrant – A Sweet Blackcurrant Flavour

Blackcurrant Ice – A Glass Of Blackcurrant Squash over Ice

Black Stairs – A Mix Of Blackcurrant Aniseed & Menthol

Berry Blaster – A Mix of Red Berry’s with a Hint Of Something Special

Blueberry – Rich Blueberry’s pressed into a Bottle… Just Like Jam

Fierce Summer Freeze – A sweet Blueberry and Citrus Menthol (Menthol & Ice)

Hi Berry –  Grape with Mixed berries and a cool hit. (Low Ice)

Mixed Fruits – A Sweet Summer Fruit Mix Medley

Monster Mash – Refreshing fruits in a sweet candy

Peached – A Peach So Peached Its Perfect

Pineapple Blitz – A Sweet Pineapple Vape with a Sour Twist

Raspberry – A Sweet and Tart Mix of Fresh Raspberries

Raspberry Blue – Sour Blue Raspberry

Red Stairs – A Red Berry and Black Grape mix with cooling notes of Eucalyptus and Aniseed

Rhubarb – A Sweet and Tangy Rhubarb Flavour

Summer Jack – A Wicked Blend Of Lime With Lemon and Aniseed undertones

Strawberry – Sweet Strawberry Laces.

Strawberry + Kiwi – A Expert Blend Of Fresh Strawberry’s and Plump Kiwi’s

Watermelon – A Bunch Of Watermelon Slice Sweets Squeezed in a bottle

Zesty Man – A Sweet and Tangy Blend of Red & Pink Fruits

Smiths Sauce x4 100ml Fruit E-Liquid Short Fills – £19.58
Smiths Sauce x4 100ml Fruit E-Liquid Short Fills – £19.58
£19.58 £55.97

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