Sweet Life 100mls

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Sweet Life 100ml – £3.99

The tastes of the sweet shop now for you vape.

What would you add to your mix n mix?

Blackcurrant Ice

Packed full of flavour this popular blackcurrant e-liquid with an icy blast will soon become one of your firm favourites.

Cherry Sherbet

Rich red cherry’s combined with sugary sherbet to give an added fizz on your tongue just like the classic retro sweets.

Cola Sherbet
A refreshing classic cola blended with a twist of fizzy sherbet not unlike the candy classic.

Flying Saucer

Enjoy the combination of sour fizz and fruit flavours that are based on a true tuckshop classic. A real blast from the past!


A variety of mixed fruits based on a firm wobbly favourite. Will take you back in time whilst you vape this ‘must try’ flavour.

Rainbow Sherbet
Fruits with all the colours of a rainbow blended with a tarty sherbet for a flavour that bursts over your tongue like a popular candy.

Raspberry Sherbet
British raspberries blended with sherbet to create a sweet but tangy vape.

Rhubarb & Custard
The old-fashioned rhubarb and custard sweet is present when you taste this incredible e-liquid. A sweet, tart, creamy and comforting trip down memory lane.

Tutti Frutti

Just like the sweet and tangy candy you used to buy. This tutti frutti e-liquid will not let you down.

Sweet Life 100mls
Sweet Life 100mls
£3.99 £14.99

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