The Brews Bros Review

A company started by 2 brothers, are The Brews Bros the Klitschko of Eliquid or the Mario and Luigi?

The family run business made in the heart of Lincolnshire.  The Brew Bros have gained quite a fast reputation as being one of the best names in the market for E Liquid.  Their sales motto is quality, affordability and locally made e liquid with everything made right from their shop in their home town.  It is always lovely to see two brothers with passion for what they do be able to grow over time but do the liquids deserve their reputation?  For the purposes of the review I covered 9 of their range which is expanding as we speak.  I will go through each one in detail with my experiences with the flavours to give you MY experience vaping them.  My thoughts are subjective and not necessarily going to be the same as yours.  So let’s start things off with potentially the most interesting liquid in their range.

The Frappening

Boy did our Facebook Group have fun trying to name this one for us!  This is our iced caramel frappuccino and there are at least 3 very different coffee blends, will you be able to guess them?

I hadn’t actually tried a coffee vape for around 3 years before starting with this.  I was never really a fan of the bitter coffee taste on my previous experience.  My first try of the Frappening was the exact same bitter taste which was a little shock to the system.  However, continuing to vape, the magic really started to happen with this flavour.  The coffee is prominent throughout the vape, but the exhale gives way to a lovely creamy finish to it and adds a touch of sweetness without overpowering the overall profile.  The coffee almost has a hazelnut after taste to it and the lovely cool finish at the end is spot on for a frapuchino effect.  This is very much an all day vape for me, most of the bottle is gone already!  If you are a fan of coffee flavours then this is completely spot on, absolutely lovely and you can see the profile come through the more you vape it.  This is up for best beverage in the awards and you can see exactly why it is so popular.

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Iced Gush

This is one of Liam’s creations, taking multiple grapes and layering them to precision with added touches to give this slush the perfect summer vape finish!Vaping on this cold slush reminds you of tasting that grape slush when we were kids down at the amusement field with the right amount of extra fruit to make it pop!

I have always found one of the hardest flavours to recreate as an Eliquid is Grape.  The grape drink flavour is too high in sweetener to really come through a stock coil without leaving its mark behind.  However, The Brews Bros have come up with the perfect solution here to not only deliver the flavour but make it sit nicely on the coils.  The flavour is essentially the grape, but rolled back I found.  It is not too strong but it is there which was fantastic for me because I have been after this flavour for a long time, since I started vaping.  The grape is not as strong in this one and the coolness isn’t overpowering, but if you want a grape liquid that isn’t going to destroy your coils then this is exactly what you are looking for.  I had no coil issues vaping this and the flavour is prominent throughout the vape it has to be said.

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Iced Tropicade

Vaping on this tropical mix reminds you of tasting the tropics without even being there! Pineapple, Kiwi, Mango are just some of the elements combined in these concentrates to make this such pleasure to vape! The added cold element (the superior version of standard Koolada) bring an extra texture to this mix.

My first reaction to this flavour was a little strange, the flavour of this on first taste is quite unusual.  Using more tropical fruits, it is very distinct and very much a surprise on the pallet.  However the more you vape this flavour, the nicer I believe it really becomes.  It is akin to something along the lines of a Lilt flavour but not exactly the same.  It brings all the different tropical fruits together to make honestly one of the best mixed fruits I have tasted.  A very much summer flavour and an all day vape, the flavour remains strong after several tanks and there is no drop at all from the first tank to the 4th.  I really enjoyed this one as you can tell and it is one I will be ordering more of in the future.

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Iced OJ

Our take on a classic orange juice served in a chilled glass with ice.  Mixtures of Blood Orange & Tangerine combined with other surprising elements make this OJ on ice brews shot one to remember.

This flavour is very much as it says on the tin, being a fresh orange juice flavour.  However what makes this one different is that not only does it get the flavour spot on but it sits really nice on the coils as well.  I never found any remaining orange flavour on the coils like others I have tried (or made myself) so it keeps just the right lightness without really affecting the taste.  It really does taste like fresh orange, even to the point of the exhale had me thinking it was the pulp of it!  If you like Orange juice then this one is amazing, well worth trying and really enjoyable.

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Straw-biscuit Split

You’ve got the Strawberry, vanilla biscuit finished with a dollop of cream to make it complete.  It requires a steep, but it’s worth the wait.

This flavour admittedly I got fairly fresh from the oven so the flavour was not quite as strong as the others, so the steep advertising is spot on.  However the flavour even in its infancy stage was actually really enjoyable, which has made me desperate to try it in all its glory.  The strawberry is really nice without tasting artificial and the biscuit is a lovely partner to this.  It isn’t bitter in any way and the whole flavour profile is extremely light, with the cream exhale being a bonus on top of it. Although I can’t talk about the finished article, even the flavour straight out the bottle is really enjoyable and a lovely dessert based vape.

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It’s Apple & Blackcurrant that are the predominant flavours here, however, there are special twists. Will you be able to notice them?

This was quite a surprising vape for me and one that experience really made it come alive over a simple tasting.  On the surface it is actually one of the more simpler flavours from TBB simply coming through as an apple and blackcurrant blend.  I did find though over vaping several tanks that the flavour profile constantly switches making each vape a different experience.  Sometimes I would get a strong fresh apple flavour and others it would be a bold but not overpowering blackcurrant that shone through.  When blended together the flavour sits just right without being overly sweet or without one overpowering the other.  A very nice simple vape that really does change with each taste of it.

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Cereal Killer

Fruit circles mixed with an eclectic mix of concentrates to bring you one of the best cereal vapes you’ll enjoy to date.

This is not a flavour profile I have ever been keen on.  I have tried different versions over the past few years and made it myself and I have never found one I really enjoyed.  Did this one really change my mind?  In a way it kind of did, not for the fruit loops aspect but for the cereal afterwards.  This flavour is up for best Cereal flavour in the awards and I can see exactly what makes it so popular.  My experience vaping this away from the fruit loops aspect is that the exhale is absolutely amazing.  The inhale is very much the fruit loops profile but the exhale gives way into a cereal and milk combination that even I found myself really enjoying.  They have got this flavour absolutely spot on to the point it almost converted me to the flavour, but not completely.  If you like the fruit loops style vape then this will be one of the nicest you have tried.

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Custard Dynasty

This custard takes hail from one of our Scottish friends bringing down Caramel Shortcake. It’s so rich, creamy and finished off with a biscuit and caramel touch, it’s just simply divine!  Deserved of the title Dynasty.  I’m sure if the queen or any of the royal family decided to have a go.  They would agree!

Another one of the straightforward flavours from The Brew Bros, this is essentially just a custard vape.  It isn’t overly fancy with a million and one little additions, it vapes just like a custard.  However, it is probably one of the nicest custards I have tried in over 4 years!  The custard flavour is really light and creamy with a slight vanilla aspect almost like a natural custard complexion.  The exhale gave into elements of of the biscuit and caramel but the real star here is  the light and creamy custard vape throughout this vape.  It sits nicely on the coils it is another one of those very moreish flavours that TBB do.  If you are looking for a simple custard that gets it spot on then this will really do it for you.

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Key Lime 3.14

Key-lime 3.142! Have a slice of the popular American pie dessert!

This was another surprising flavour I found with it almost not meeting any of my initial expectations.  What I found this this flavour is that the focus is more on the pie aspect rather than similar flavours that focus more on the lime.  As a result the lime is more subdued behind a lovely cakey/pie flavour which blends together really well.  It puts the lime at the back to create an all round dessert flavour that is very enjoyable and one that improves the more you vape it.  If you are a fan of key lime profiles then this is a really nice spin on the standard and well worth trying.

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Before picking up the liquids, there was a lot of hype behind The Brews Bros liquids and I was curious to know why.  Coming away from this, they have definitely made me a customer because the flavours you can tell have been blended together really well to create enjoyable all day vapes.  None of the profiles seem forced, each one from the Key Lime to The Frappening really show how much work goes into creating these flavours.  If I had to pick a top 3 of them all I have tried I would go with

  1. The Frappening
  2. Custard Dynasty
  3. Iced Tropicade

But that list could well vary depending on what day it is.  I really enjoyed the flavours and highly recommend going to check them out.

Home made liquid made with quality and passion.  The sales pitch really does tell you how nice these flavours are.

You can pick these liquids up from The Brews Bros Website.

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