Vampire Vape 5x 10ml Bundle – £12.00

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Vampire Vape 5x 10ml

Vampire Vape – Rhubarb and Custard

An all-time playground favourite. Rhubarb and Custard mix is a perfect combination now in e-liquid form. The custard forms the smooth basis while the rhubarb adds the sharp, zingy taste.

Vampire Vape – Berry Menthol

A fruity and minty mix! Ice-cold berry flavours are present in this delicious e-liquid throughout.


Vampire Vape – Crushed Candy

Strawberries and Watermelon are the main elements in this delicious eliquid, alongside a sweet and delightful bubblegum flavour.


Vampire Vape – Strawberry Milkshake

A perfect balance of strawberries and milk, leaves a creamy, refreshing taste! This e-liquid is the perfect sweet combination.


Vampire Vape – Bubblegum

A deliciously fruity and juicy mix, reminding you of summer days. This e-liquid will leave an incredible aftertaste leaving you wanting more and more.


Vampire Vape – Energy

Just the thing you needed to put the bounce back into your step. This blend of mixed fruits tastes deliciously juicy.


Vampire Vape – Sweet Lemon Pie

A deliciously citrusy mix of sweet lemons and a buttery pastry flavour. This perfect blend is a delightful all-day vape!
Vampire Vape 5x 10ml Bundle – £12.00
Vampire Vape 5x 10ml Bundle – £12.00
£12 £20

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